Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the media in smaller batches, directly from the source. As a result, a client media player can begin playing the data (such as a movie) before the entire file has been transmitted. This is known as streaming media.

Our IPTV Servers Are Compatible With The Following Devices ( All Mag Infomir Devices – All Dreamlink Devices – All Formuler Devices – All Avov Devices – All BuzzTv Devices – All Nvidea Shiled Devices – All Smart-Tv Devices – All Android Devices – All Firestick & FireTv Devices – All Apple iOS Devices – Kodi Apps & Devices – All Windows Devices )

No subscription of any kind is needed. All You need is your internet connection and compatible device and your all set.

Any high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth should work well, include DSL, ISDN, FIOS, CABLE, WI-FI, and Satellite broadband connections.

Any high speed internet with unlimited bandwidth should work well, include DSL, ISDN, FIOS, CABLE, WI-FI, and Satellite broadband connections.

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We support several payment methods, Credit Cards,Paypal

We will deliver it via email. so make sure to use correct email when you order.

We service same day activations, usually between 1 – 8 hours maximum.

We are located in offshore countries.

We never disclose the personal information of our clients or supporters to third parties.

Our policy is simple. Once you have successfully connected your IPTV Set Top Box to our servers your programming for the time purchased begins. Any user that has purchased our AVOV or MAG254 IPTV Receivers will have full access to there programming once there MAC ADDRESS of the unit has been submitted to us via email. Any members that abuse our system or servers will automatically be banned and deleted from our server NO QUESTIONS ASKED we will not tolerate abuse of any form at all.Refunds are ONLY granted if even ourselves professional IPTV support staff and Administrators cannot determine the problem even via telephone call. Anybody claiming wrongful disputes via there credit card will be prosecuted to the fullest extent we are here to work with you not against you.

If you want to test then we offer paid 1 month trials on our website this is because each time we add a user its for minimum 1 month, you can choose from 5 servers that we offer, if you decide at anytime you would like to upgrade your account we would be more than happy to honour the difference in the pricing detailed for all our subscriptions. What you see on our site is exactly what you get along with thousands of video on demand channels. If you are a dealer and we see that you purchased a 1 month account then decide to buy a dealer panel of your choice we will indeed credit the amount towards your new reseller dealer panel, this applies for resellers only.

The difference in servers range from quality and channel listings. Where as the black diamond server has HD and 4K channels the other 4 do not ruby/orange/platinum/emerald these 4 servers carry HD and SD channels however may have a more variety of channels that you may or may not want. We have live channel lists on our website that you can view at anytime. Our most popular servers are Platinum and Black Diamond at this current time. If you need any other assistance or questions answered please do not hesitate to ask.

Re-sellers get a dealer panel and their choice of amount of credits. Example you buy 100 credits and your client wants 3 months service. You would add 3 months which is equivalent to 3 credits. Each credit is 1 month basically. You get your own panel and you control all your clients. Your remaining credits will never expire until you use them. You can add between 1 – 12 months to your clients. We have 5 servers to choose from Black/Emerald/Orange/Platinum/Ruby all on our website. Our servers range from quality and channel listings.

You can view the receiver directly on our website IPTV BOXES no antennas needed it uses your internet connection in which a 10MBPS or more is needed to get full hd capacity from the unit and the unit is so small you can actually bring it with you anywhere in the world that has a internet connection…No programming needed at all all the channels HD are hosted on our server in live time hd quality to your box, every unit also includes a 12 month subscription IPTV and free shipping worldwide . We have the # 1 channel lists, we have combined all the best channels and sports as well as PPV movies/events/adult films and over 2000 Video On Demand Movies with our service.